Thoroughbred Club Stakes results usually feature some talented fillies who aren’t quite at the upper level of horse racing. As the race is only open to three year olds, a lot of the fillies competing haven’t yet reached their racing peak. The Thoroughbred Club Stakes results are certainly worth keeping an eye on though, as they provide great insight into how the fillies in the field compete against horses of a similar calibre. Those fillies that pick up places in the Thoroughbred Club Stakes results might step down in grade in future races; they rarely go on to excel at improved levels.

Notable Thoroughbred Club Stakes winners include Vigil (1995), Crown Princess (2003) and Platelet (2011). Thoroughbred Club Stakes results since 2000 are listed below.

Thoroughbred Club Stakes Results

Year Winner Runner-Up Third Time
2016 Hear The Chant My Country Modern Warrior 1:09.76
2015 Serene Majesty Secret Agenda Harlem River 1:09.77
2014 Earthquake Tawteen More Radiant 1:09.5
2013 Missy Longstocking Anatina Bulbula 1:11.1
2012 Cavalry Rose Mareeza Saturn Rock 1:10.0
2011 Platelet The Fairy’s Kiss Hollyweird 1:10.2
2010 Solar Charged Jesse’s Girl Dance Of The Ocean 1:09.1
2009 Avenue Headway Kanzan 1:09.7
2008 Damselfly Impressive Eagle Okaylah 1:11.7
2007 Gamble Me Vivacious Spirit Belcentra 1:10.0
2006 Splashing Out Corton Charlemagne Flame Of Sydney 1:10.6
2005 Queen Of The Hill Jadescent Readyforcatherine 1:11.1
2004 Emlozza Miss Mooney Mooney Tahni Girl 1:10.9
2003 Crown Princess Harley Ma Beautiful Gem 1:10.0
2002 Innovation Girl Sensational Spot Toast Of The Coast 1:09.5
2001 Patterns Hello Boys Swing A Deal 1:11.1
2000 Arrabeea Queen Belle Ball 1:11.4